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Candy Burst Slot Review

Candy Burst Slot Review

Candy Burst Slot Review

Are you ready to play a fun and innovative online slot? Introducing you the Candy Burst slot, a game that is inspired by popular favourites such as Candy Crush. Read this entire article as you will know more about the game, from its theme, graphics, RTP & volatility, bonus features, and how you can win in this game.


Graphics & Theme

As the name implies, this game is fully packed with sweet treats, where you can see gummy bears to candy rockets in between. The background of this game is set in some sort of candy land, in which you will be excited to visit!


Besides, the soundtrack for this slot is simple yet catchy, and you definitely won’t feel it too repetitive. The full effect in this game is an incredibly sweet in every sense of the world, where you will surely be immersed in the game for endless of hours.


RTP & Volatility

Candy Burst is a medium volatility slot that offers you a return to player (RTP) rate of 96.95%. Such level of RTP and volatility represents that you can expect a decent number of payouts through your gameplay.


Bonus Features

Gummy Rocket

The Gummy Rocket is awarded for clusters of five symbols. The Gummy Rocket explodes all symbols on either the row or column the Rocket is positioned on when activated.


Chocolate Bomb

The Chocolate Bomb is awarded for clusters of six symbols. This symbol will explode all symbols surrounding the Chocolate Bomb when activated.


Mystery Sweet

Land seven or more symbols in a winning cluster to receive a Mystery Sweet. This bonus involves another symbol being randomly chosen when it’s activated, and all instances of that symbol will explode and pay out.



Where there are combinations of multiple special sweet symbols that are touching and are activated together, a whole new exciting explosion will take place, offering some huge prizes.


Free Spins

In addition to the special symbols and Cascading Wins feature in Candy Burst, land three or more gummy bear Scatter symbols in any position to trigger 10x free spins. During the free spins round, you’ll also receive a 2x Multiplier with Candy Burst Feature wins Multiplied by 10x!


How to Play

To start playing the game, simply follow the tips below:


1. Before you start spinning the reels, look for the three white lines icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Clicking here will let you navigate between adjusting your sound settings, checking the pay table, viewing the rules of the game, and seeing your gaming history.


For details on the pay table, paylines, and bonus features, we usually go to the ‘Pay table’ heading.


2. After familiarising yourself with the rules for Candy Burst, it’s time to place your wager. You can do this by clicking the ‘+’ and ‘-’ icons to either side of the Spin button and watch your bet increase or decrease in the box above.


3. Click on the large ‘Spin’ button in the centre of the control panel to spin the reels manually.


4. If you prefer to enjoy hands-free slots, click the ‘Auto’ button to the right of the control panel to select how many automatic spins you would like to take place, along with your loss limits.


5. You can speed up the reels by activating ‘Turbo’ mode in the bottom left corner of the screen.


6. You can always keep an eye on your balance, total bet, and latest win in the three boxes beneath the reels.



All in all, the Candy Burst slot comes with an impressive range of bonus features that is developed based on the very popular Candy Crush game. The developer has done an awesome job in terms of turning this into an innovative and rewarding slot. Give it a try now at K138 to see whether luck is on your side!