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Dragon Tiger Luck Slot Review

Dragon Tiger Luck Slot Review

Dragon Tiger Luck Slot Review

Do you want to play a simple yet beautiful online slot? Well, here it is the Dragon Tiger Luck by PG Soft. The reels come with two rows, the tiger and the dragon, and if you have decided to play on both reels, you could have the chance to win double! Learn more about this game by reading the full article below.


Graphics & Theme

Dragon Tiger Luck has its theme that reflects the double nature through art, design, gameplay and rewards system. There is a distinct 80’s vibe happening with the graphics; and there are bright neon colours that highlight the differences between the two sides. The animation is smooth and incredibly fast, and there is always an option to speed them up even more.


RTP & Volatility

The return to player (RTP) rate of Dragon Tiger Luck comes in at 96.94%, which is around the industry average. Besides, this game also has a low volatility rating, which means you will hit winning combinations with more frequency.


How to Play

Follow the tips below for a smoother gameplay experience:


1. When the game loads, you will see the reel screen with the pay table above it and a control panel below that has 3 information displays and 5 buttons.


2. First, look at the info bars. The left shows your current balance, the middle shows your wager amount, and the one on the right shows your wins and win history.


3. Click the middle info bar to bring up the bet adjustment menu. Here, you can set your bet amount and bet level and see your total value.


4. You can bet 0.25, 2.50 or 25.00 and choose a bet level of 1 to 10. Your overall bet per spin will be displayed next to your wager in yellow. Click on Confirm when you’re satisfied with your amount.


5. Click on the lightning Turbo button if you want to speed up your reel animations.


6. If you want, you can set the auto spin feature by selecting the auto button. This will open up a menu where you can select 10, 30, 50, 80 or 100 spins and put a safeguard limit in place. This limit means that the autoplay will stop if you go below a certain amount set by you. You have to enable this feature to use the auto spin feature.


7. When you’re ready, hit the big main button to spin the reels and test your luck.



This game is cool and comes with colourful design and a unique style of play. What makes this game stand out is that its bright neon theme and simple game mechanics that provides players a smooth and uncomplicated gameplaying experience. Try it now at K138 today as it is quick and easy to get into!