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Home news K138 Review: Dragon Hatch Slot Machine

K138 Review: Dragon Hatch Slot Machine

K138 Review: Dragon Hatch Slot Machine

K138 Review: Dragon Hatch Slot Machine

Get ready as you are about to wake the Dragon Queen and unleash the potential of the Dragon Hatch slot machine. In this article, we will be exploring the greats of the game and explain why it is a must-try for all online slot players. Without further ado, let’s dive into the topic straightaway!


Graphics & Theme

The artwork in this slot is detailed and exceptional, from the symbols on the reels to the sleeping Dragon Queen above them. Each dragon is easy to differentiate in the grid, while the Queen’s shiny eye really stands out and it is also easy to spot those cluster wins.


The game symbols are highlighted against grey rock, while the sleeping queen sleeps in a cave filled with skeletons and gold coins. The detailing is superb and looks great on a mobile screen.


There is no exception that Dragon Hatch is beautifully realised, from artwork to soundtrack, where sounds and visuals are incredibly immersive which makes your gameplaying experience smooth all the time.


RTP & Volatility

This a medium variance slot game with an above average RTP of 96.83%. This represents that the hypothetical long-term return of the slot is guaranteed in this game. Players will definitely be attracted to prizes offered while they do not have bare a massive risk.


Bonus Features

Earth Dragon Feature

Collect 10 symbols to trigger the Earth Dragon feature. This removes all low-paying symbols from the reels.


Water Dragon Feature

Collect 30 or more symbols to trigger the Water Dragon feature. This cascades four wild symbols on to the reels.


Fire Dragon Feature

Collecting 50 or more symbols triggers the Fire Dragon feature. Any randomly chosen symbol except the wild is added to the reels.


Dragon Queen Feature

You’ll need to collect 70 symbols to wake the Dragon Queen and trigger this feature. The Queen breathes fire across the reels, eliminating all low-paying symbols by transforming them into high-paying symbols or wilds.


How to Play

To play the game, simply follow the steps below:


Click the menu to access the pay table, game rules and history. This menu also gives you the option to mute the soundtrack.


All pays in the pay table menu are shown in cash. There’s also intel on the four different game features and how they can be triggered.


To the far left of the slim-line player interface, tap the lightning bolt to up the pace with turbo spins.


Set your bet by either tapping the plus and minus of the spin button or the coin widget.


Choose your bet size and bet level, which are then multiplied by 10 to give the total bet or choose to go all in by tapping max bet. Tap confirm to set your total bet.


Tap auto spins to play between 10 and 100 auto games with win and loss limits.


All in all, this game is highly reputable with its breathtaking animations when the Queen Dragon wakes and guard her eggs. In the other hand, the game mechanics is intriguing where players can collect symbols and trigger certain features.


It all sounds great right? Why not give it a try at K138 today?